Valentine's Day Ideas

We've put together quick ideas to make Valentine's Day easy!

Peeps™ Heart:

Peeps™ also come in hearts! We took a clean awl and pierced the underside to create a guide hole for our paper straw. Then bag with a C1 cellane Bag tied with a ribbon.

PS hint:You can make these into fun centerpiece displays.

Valentine Bag:

Bags are always super convenient to fill treats into. We have all sorts of bags and bags in quantities of 100s that can work for giving out multiple treats. We wrapped ribbon around the outside and added special Valentine's Day inspired ribbon.

Cupid's Arrows:

With a few well placed snips from clean scissors, heart-shaped gumdrops turn into cupids arrows. Add pretzel sticks. Place into C00 clear Cellane Bags and use our label template. Punch two holes into card and finish with your choice of ribbon.

Windowed Heart Boxes

Everything looks so much better with a cute box and ribbon!
Place a 4" pink cookie into a C2 Cellane Bag and slide into a heart window box. Then tie a ribbn on the corners.

Oreo Favors

Our mini acetate favor box is just the right fit for a sandwich cookie. We lined ours with cardstock at the bottom and punched a heart to add onto the tab at the top. Use icing to "glue" on a conversation heart or candy to your cookie

Pez Quick Gift

A PEZ with two refills are a cute small gift. They fit perfectly into a Rectangular Acetate Box. Add ribbon and it's done!

Heart Shaped Box

Our heart shaped box is perfect for mini treats. We used chocolate candy cups and filled them with delicious chocolates. Add a pink backer and a ribbon and its ready.

Cookie Box

We found mini cookies in a large tub and pulled them into a rectangular acetate box. Wrap a band of pink crepe paper (we used a pinking scissor to create the zig zag edge) and tied a bow across the middle. Simply sweet.

Lollipop Box

An acetate 2x2 box is just the right size to put a heart-shaped lollipop in. Punch a small hole into the top to thread the stem into. Fill with M&M's or mini candies.

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