Package of the Month - Halloween Piñata

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Shopping List (Bat Piñata):

  • Small Tube 1x3"
  • Tissue Black
  • Small Red Tag
  • 10" Halloween Bakers Twine
  • Scissors, Glue Stick, Black Ink Pen

  • Shopping List (Mummy Piñata):

    • Medium Tube 1 1/2x6"
    • Crepe paper in White
    • Small Orange Tag
    • 10" Halloween Bakers Twine
    • 1.2" Circle Stickers in White
    • Scissors, Glue Stick, Pen and Black Sharpie

Bat Piñata Recipe:

Use this template to cut out two circles and bat shape from black tissue.
One circle will have cuts (or notches) as shown on template. Keep one circle whole and do not notch.
Lay Bakers Twine along circle with cuts. Glue circles as "end caps" to tube on each side. (Remember to fill with candy)
(Note: String should hang down through cuts)
Cut a 3" x 9" rectangle from tissue.
Align and glue tissue strip around tube.
Glue tissue bat to back of tube.
Write your message onto tag and tie onto tube.

Mummy Piñata Recipe:

Cut two circles from crepe paper, 1-2" larger than diameter of paper tube.
Take one circle and "notch" or make small cuts across from each other.
Lay Bakers Twine along notched side. Strings will hang down.
Glue circles as end caps on tube.
With label and a sharpie. Draw irises on two labels.
Stick eyes in appropriate area. Cut 3-4 strips about 12" from crepe paper.
Glue and wrap haphazardly around tube. Glue ends to secure.
Keep wrapping until covered the way you'd like it.
Write message on tag and tie to end of bakers twine.

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