Package of the Month

package of the month

Shopping List:

  • 1 - Midori Sheet Wrap "12 Days" in Bamboo Green
  • 1 - Midori Sheet Wrap "Cherry Blossom" in Red
  • 2 yrd Midori Organdy Ribbon 3" width in Fig
  • 2 yrd Midori Organdy Ribbon 3" width in Chartreuse
  • 1 - White Box 12x12x2.5"


This is an elegant wrapping that's sure to be opened first!

Assemble box.

Wrap "12 Days" around box (you will have to piece this, as the box is slightly bigger than the wrapping)

Create a band with the "Cherry Blossom" wrap about 9-10 in wide. Wrap over the pieced area to disguise.

Layer the two ribbons together and tie a shoe-tie bow as shown.

Note: Another alternative is using our 17x11x2.5" apparel box. Try different colored ribbons like greens and golds!

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