Package of the Month - Bon Voyage!

package of the month
package of the month

Shopping List (Package 1):

  • 1 - 8x8x3.5" Box
  • 1 Sheet Map Paper
  • 2 1/2 yards - 1/8" wide Black Ribbon
  • 1/2 yard - 3/8" wide Red Ribbon
  • Fabric Pins, Double-stick tape, scissors

Shopping List (Package 2):

  • 1 - 5x5x3" Box
  • 1 Kraft Wrap (optional)
  • 8 - 2" Grey Circle Labels
  • 1 yrd 3/8" Black Ribbon
  • 10" - 5/8" Black Ribbon
  • Small White Tag & String
  • Double-stick tape, x-acto knife and scissors

Package 1:
Wrap Box with Map (try to get locations onto face of package).
Wrap ribbon and tie onto box leaving one tail extra long.
Using double-stick tape put mini flags onto pins, folding the ribbon in half.
Pin to special locations as necessary.
Note: This package will poke. This is not an appropriate gift for children. Warn gift recipient of the possibility of a poke from pins when opening the gift.

Package 2:
Wrap box with Kraft wrap (or use a kraft box).
Take a 2" gray label and position onto each corner, fold around one edge. Cut a slit into label toward the center (see photos).
Fold one half of sticker down smoothly. Then fold other half over to make a smooth corner bumper for your luggage.
Repeat on all corners of box.
Use a x-acto knife to cut small slits into box for handles. For our box it was about 1 1/2" from edges.
Tie a knot on one end of 5/8" ribbon. Use a pencil to force knot into slit. Tie another knot and again force knot into slit. This will be your handle.
Cut 18" from 3/8" ribbon and tape down as "straps" of your luggage.
Write your message onto tag and tie onto handle.

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