Package of the Month - Koinobari

package of the month
package of the month

Shopping List:

  • 3" x 6" Paper tube with plastic end caps
  • Cerise, Pistachio, Aquamarine,
    Goldenrod and Lavender tissue
  • 1.2" White Circle Labels (2)
  • Black Cardstock
  • 1 yrd. of Wax Twine
  • Grey striped paper straw
  • Orange Shred
  • Awl, Scissors, Glue stick, Hole punch, pencil
  • Asst. Candies


Close tube with end caps.
Chose which side is head and tail on tube.
You can fill with treats at this time if necesssary.

Use awl (adults only) to pierce at least three holes at "head" of fish, equal distances apart, about 1/8" away from edge. (You should pierce end cap at same time.)

Use tube to trace circles onto tissue.
You will need approx. 8 circles of each color. Cut out.

Choose one of the tissue colors to make a "head piece" from.
Cut into 10" x 2.5" strip. Fold 10" into thirds (approx 3" x 2.5").
Use tube to trace a half circle on edge that connects to each fold. Cut out. You will now have a 3 scalloped strip.

Choose another tissue color to make "tail" end of fish.
You will need to have an 8" strip that wraps around the fish at least two times. (approx 20" x 8")
Glue onto bottom edge of tube using glue stick. Once glued, use scissors to cut strips, approx. 1/2 - 3/4" wide, to create tail.

Now glue down "scales" or circles of tissue in layers onto fish in alternating colors. Start from bottom of fish and go up.

Glue "head piece" of fish carefully over layers.
Take two 1.2 white labels to make "eyes" of fish, as shown in example.
Use hole punch to punch out two "pupils" from black card stock.
And glue onto eye of fish.

Use awl again to find holes and pierce through the tissue
and make holes big enough for wax twine to go through.
Use wax twine to thread unto head and tie to paper straw to complete the look of a koinobori or wind catcher.

Note: This makes an outstanding gift package too! Or try it as a party favor craft time (with some adult supervision, of course!)

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