Make This: Graduation Candy Stick

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Shopping List:

  • 1x8 Clear Resealable Bag
  • Card Stock in Black
  • 18" Wax Linen Twine in Gold or Tan
  • Awl & Double sided Tape


Just in time for graduations!
Download this template! Cut out this template along solid line. Fold along dotted lines.
Punch hole in dot on template.
Cut Wax Twine at 5" and thread into hole. Tie double knot to keep from slipping out.
Loop the remaining wax twine around two fingers to create tassel.
Tie a knot with the 5" strand around the loops.
Cut the ends of the loops to finish tassel.
Fill 1x8 bags with Candy (skittles, jelly belly etc.)
Using double-sided tape where indicated to tape cardstock to bag.
Tape the flap onto the square to center your candy on the hat.

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