Package of the Month

package of the month

Shopping List:

  • 1 - 2lb. Candy Box
  • 1 Sandwich Wrap Sheet in Blue
  • 2 yard Raf-tye in Royal
  • 1 Acetate Takeout Box in Pint
  • 10 inches of May Arts 424-18-28 Orange Stripe
  • 1 Orange Stripe Party Partners Paper Straw
  • 1 - 1 9/16" White Metal Rim Tag
  • 14 inch of White Wax Twine
  • White Label Paper in Circles (Cut down to size)
  • Double sided tape, scissors, Goldfish crackers and snacks


Fill goldfish crackers into Acetate Takeout, leave one cracker out and put remaining treats into 2 lb Candy Box.
Wrap the 2 lb Candy Box with the blue sandwich paper (cut down to 7.5" wide) secure with double-sided tape.
Wrap both boxes with blue raf-tye as show in picture.
We put the message "i love you dad hook, line and sinker!" on the label and added that to the metal rim tag.
Tie tag with May Arts 424-18-28 orange striped ribbon.
With waxed twine tie on the reserved Goldfish cracker and thread the rest of the line into paper straw.
This will act as your fishing rod. Thread pole into raf-tye (use the handle of take out to help hold up).

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