Package of the Month

package of the month

Shopping List:

  • 1 toucan bag in Pacific Blue
  • Tissue for inside bag
  • 24 inch of Polka Dot Grosgrain in yellow
  • OR
  • 28 inch of Polka Dot Grosgrain in Green
  • Hole Punch
  • Sharp scissors


Punch two holes about 1 1/2" apart into front/back of bag (between the handles)
Lightly wrap you gift with tissue and place into bag.
For bow tie:
Thread yellow grosgrain into holes with both ends coming out in front.
Tie as a regular shoe tie bow. Cut ends straight, to the exact length of the bow loops.

For neck tie:
Thread green grosgrain into holes. Both ends should be at the front of bag.
Tie as you would a neck tie.

Basic instructions on tying a neck tie:
The right (front) side should be the longest end.
Wrap the right end (starting from under) around the left end two times.
Then with the right layer coming out through the neck loop, tuck into the front inside the 2 wraps you just made.
Pull gently to form front of tie.
Cut front and back ends into a V shape to mimick a tie.
(Note: Always twist the tie so the design is always ends up on the front.)

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