Package of the Month

package of the month

Shopping List:

  • 1 3x3x3 White Gift Box
  • 1 yard of Spaghetti in Scarlet
  • 12 in of Cotton Curl in Chambray Pink
  • Hole Punch, Sharp Scissors and Double Stick Tape
package of the month


Fold cotton curl in half. Punch in the crease of cotton curl.
Wrap cotton curl around a pencil and tape to make the first loop. Continue to make loose loops, using tape to keep form together.
Wrap ribbon twice, one way around the box, leaving a long end.
Thread the long end through the hole punched and use tape to put heart loops together.
Finish tying of ribbon with a bow.

Package of the Month | Bonus Project

package of the month
Download this bonus project for a Valentine heart garland.

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