Package of the Month - Spring Grass Bag

package of the month

Shopping List:

  • 1 - White Toucan Bag
  • 4-5 yrds Kelly Green Wraphia
  • 4-5 yrds Citrus Green Wraphia
  • 6" Colored Wraphia in your choice
  • Double-sided Tape
  • Scissors

Cut Kelly Green and Citrus Wraphia into 7" strips.
Gently spread wide the width of the Wraphia.
Open bag.
Place double-sided tape along bottom edge.
Put more tape along 2" from bottom edge of bag.
Fold Wraphia into V shapes and adhere to tape.
Alternate colors as you like.
For Butterfly: Gently spread wide the width of the Wraphia.
Fold over itself into approx 3/4" wide.
Cut at edge.
Using remaining amount, tie in middle to create body of butterfly.
Attach the extra amount from body to grass near top to act like a butterfly. Cut short.
Note: You may want to attach extra double-sided tape higher up behind grass to support extra weight of butterfly.

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