Package of the Month - Tassels

package of the month

Shopping List:

  • 2 yd each of Wraphia® in 4 colors
  • 2 yd of cord
  • Assorted boxes and tags
  • Scissors


Gather all 4 ends of Wraphia® and wrap around a 4" piece of cardboard or loosely around hand.
Slip an 8" piece of cord through one of the looped ends and secure with a double knot. This will be the top.
Cut through the loops at the bottom end of your tassel.
Using the remaining cord, wrap around the gathered Wraphia® approx 1/2" from top. Tie a double knot.

There are many uses for tassels! Pictured are just a few of the ways you can add a tassel to your package.

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