Make This: S'mores Packages

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Shopping List:

    S'mores 1 - Deli Tote
  • 1 - Acetate Deli Tote
  • 1 - Acetate 3x3x2 Box
  • 20" of May Arts Chevron Ribbon

  • S'mores 2 - Tray
  • 1 - Simply Baked Tray
  • 1 - C9 Clear Cellane Bag
  • 1 - 8.5 x 11" White Cardstock

  • S'mores 3 - Tower
  • 1 - Acetate Wine Box
  • 2 1/2 yards of Grosgrain Stripe Ribbon
  • 1 Circle Tag in White
  • 1 pkg of 2" circle labels in Kraft
  • 1 yard of "Yummy" Cotton Curl
  • Filling Chocolate and Graham Crackers.
  • S'mores 4 - Favors
  • Acetate 2x2x2 Cubes
  • Half of a disposible Chopstick
  • 6-8 inches of 5/8" Double-faced Morex Satin in coordinating colors
  • Hole Punch and Scissors
package of the month
package of the month
package of the month
package of the month
package of the month

S'mores 1 - Deli Tote:

Assemble boxes.
Fill acetate 3x3x2 with marshmallows. Put in center of acetate deli tote.
Fill sides of deli tote with graham crackers and chocolates.
Tie ribbon around deli tote

S'mores 2 - Tray:

Fill tray with Chocolate Bar and stacks of marshmallows and graham crackers.
Slide tray into C9 cellane Bag. Cut off approx. 6-8 inches from the opening and fold down.
Print our S'mores Tent Template from here. Turn around sheet and print again. (To get back instructions onto the sheet)
Cut tent cards, fold and staple to C9 bag.

S'mores 3 - Tower:

Assemble Box.
Fill with chocolate bars, graham crackers and Jumbo Stuffed marshmallows. Add Skewers
Print onto label with "Please have S'more!" and center onto metal round tag
Wrap grosgrain around box and add curled pieces of "Yummy" cotton curl" into bow.
Add Tag

S'mores 4 - Favor:

Assemble box
On top of lip puch hole in center.
On top flaps, cut tiny v shapes out (where flaps meet in center) to allow the straw to go through lid and through flaps.
Cut graham cracker to fit box. (We found that a sharp knife used in a sawing motion works best.)
Add chocolate squares and marshmallow.
Close box and piece marshmallow with half of a disposible chopstick.
Create flags with ribbon, using double-sided tape and cut v-shapes on the ends of ribbon

Cupcake Cup String Lights:

We decorated string lights with our cupcake cups!
Just cut a small x with an x-acto knife to push each light bulb through!

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