Package of the Month

package of the month

Shopping List:

  • 1 Gift Wrap Sheet in Tulips
  • 2 yards of May Arts leaf ribbon in Moss
  • 6" Spaghetti Satin or cord
  • 1/8" Hole Punch
  • Double stick tape


Download our instructions for this pretty spring package.

Cut a 20" square piece of paper
Fold Square in half, then in half again. Open square.
Fold diagonally, corner to corner, then repeat for remaining corners.
Open Square again.
Bring 4 points together and tuck the 4 sides inwards. Voila, your German bell is formed.
With a small hole punch, punch each of the 4 points with 1 hole.
Cut ribbon into 4 - 18" lengths.
Beginning with one point, thread end of ribbon through first hole punch and up through second hole punch and down around bottom and back up diagonally to opposing point. In second punch and out remaining punch.
Repeat with remaining two points.
Gather strings and secure with knot. (May tack inside 2 folds of bell with double stick tape of glue to make package)

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