Creative Lunch

Bamboo Picks

Shopping List:

  • 1 - Bamboo Pick/Skewer
  • 1 - #1 Bio Pack Box in Kraft
  • 5"x 18" approx. rough cut band of gift wrap in Moss
  • 1 - Metal Key Tag
  • 1/8" Hole Punch or Awl


Assemble your meal inside the bio pack box.
Fold 1" down of the gift wrap to create a clean edge.
Test wrap the band of gift wrap, you'll need a pencil to lightly trace where the fold edge lays on the paper.
Take off band and following the pencil mark, line up paper and punch two holes on either side of the band (as seen in the picture)
Punch another hole hear the top of the white key tag.
Wrap band around the box and secure with skewer. Add tag halfway through.
You may have to bend the key tag slightly to put onto skewer.

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