Grad Box

package of the month

Shopping List:

  • 1 - #33 Jewelry Box
  • Black Gift Wrap
  • Black Cardstock
  • Wax Twine in Yellow
  • Raf-tye & Seam Binding in Yellow
  • Awl & Double-sided tape


Carefully wrap black gift wrap around the bottom and lid of the box using double-side tape.
To cut cardstock for the "brim" of the hat, measure the width of the box and add up to 2" to each measurement. You will have a 1" overhang. Center and tape to lid.
Find center of lid and piece a small hole.
Take Raf-tye and loop about four times around your palm. Tie loops in the center of an approx 10" length of wax twine (more may be necessary, if you are doing a larger box - it should reach from the center of your lid to the corners of your brim.)
Cut ends of raf-tye to make "tassel." Use another piece of wax twine to gather the "tassel" neatly, tie and cut close. Trim ends of tassel as needed.
Tie your tassel to lid of box.
Roll crisp dollars and tie with Seam Binding to mimick diplomas. Stack inside box.
Close box and it is ready to giveaway.
Use this method to wrap other boxes to suit your gift needs!

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