DIY: Fringe Garland!

Recreate it!

Fringe Garland is easy to make! Use two colors of crepe, scissors and a stapler!

Cut an 8" wide strip along the length of crepe paper.
You will get two strips that are 8" x approx 9' wide.

You will also have leftover an approx 1" wide strip left. (We'll show you how to use that too!)

Layer opposite colors together and fold lengthwise in half.
On the folded edge, staple along edge 1/4 - 1/2" in.

Cut 1" wide fringe into the open side of the garland.

Open from the middle layers and crease.

Using closed scissors and thumb, gently pull and curl the fringe with the edge of scissors.

Separate curls.

With the 1" wide strip leftover from the fringe garland project, twist the garland into "candy wrapper" shapes every 1-1 1/2". Gently stretching at each section as you go.

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DIY Fringe Garland
DIY Fringe Garland
DIY Fringe garland
DIY Fringe Garland

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