How to Make a
Pom Pom

We love decorating with Poms! Not only do they make a great splash of color in a room, they are inexpensive and easy to make!

Materials needed:

9-13 tissue (20x30") sheets (We chose Aquamarine & Goldenrod).
8" Waxed linen twine
1-2 yards of Seam binding or other ribbon to hang with.
Sharp scissors

Here's a tip: You can use this same technique for almost any size pom. Just remember the width of your paper will be the width of the pom.

Step One:

Layer tissue in alternating colors. We layered this pom with 13 layers.
For the center we used 3 aqua layers so we can tell when we get to the middle of the pom.

Layered in this order:
A = Aqua
G = Goldenrod

Start with the shortest width facing you.

Using the tip to joint of your thumb as a guide, start with the first fold, approximately 1 1/2" inches.

Here's a tip: More sheets will look fuller but will get harder to pull apart! We suggest only using more sheets on full size poms.

Step Two:

Flip over sheets and fold another 1 1/2". Continue to flip and fold until you have a accordian pleated stack.

To make sure your folds are extra crisp. Run along the edge of a table to help creases stay crisp.

Step Three:

Tie firmly the center of tissue with wax linen cord.

Next attach seam binding to the cord. This will be the only ribbon visible for hanging with.

Here's a tip: Don't tie your cord too tightly! Too tight will not allow you to open the layers.

Step Four:

On both ends of the stack, we cut a rounded half circle on the edge.

Here's a tip: Because the stack is so thick, and therefore hard to cut, cut a small nick first, open the folds and tuck scissors into the cut layer and finish off the semi-circle through half of the layers.
Then finish cutting with the rest of the layers.

Step Five:

Start on one end of the layers and pull apart, layer by layer.

Once you get to the center, flip and pull layers apart from other end.

Here's a tip: If you want a round sphere you need to pull from the top halfway and then from the bottom halfway. If you only want to make a half sphere, just pull from one direction. A half sphere could go on a bulletin board or table top for a dome shaped centerpiece.

Step Six:

Once you get an approximate ball. Start to fluff and straighten the layers.

Here's a tip: Pull them firmly but not enough to tear. If you put a rip in the layer don't worry. With enough layers, mistakes will not be noticed.

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