2" Kitchen Label Template

Pre-formatted with "From ____ Kitchen"

Download template and Highlight "Cheryl's" and replace with your own name!
Microsoft Word 2" KITCHEN circle template

Need printing help?

Most of our printable labels are laser or inkjet ready. Exceptions include our gold and silver labels which are suited only for laser printers. Please note that printer capabilities vary by make and model. Your printer may require specific settings in order to print our labels.

The provided Microsoft Word template will help you properly align your text in the designated areas.

When you open the template enter your text in the designated areas and choose your font and color. These templates are meant to be a guide, but may need to be adjusted based on your specific printer.

It is highly recommended to test on regular printer paper before printing on your labels to ensure your text is properly placed.

For more help on printing at home, click here.

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