Gift Basket Ideas

Gift Baskets don't have to be hard to make! We've put together eight baskets, along with some helpful tips to inspire you!

Peeps™ Basket

Find all sorts of Peeps™ for this Easter basket!
Did you know Peeps™ make excellent s'mores?
Pad the bottom of a basket box with newsprint.
Top with colored paper shred
Nestle your items from largest (in the back) to smallest (front), so you can see most items.
Put inside a basket bag and tie with 2 1/2" striped ribbon.

Here's a tip: Remember to match your ribbon with the dominant colors in your basket!

Egg Decorating Basket

Fill a basket with a great theme!
This egg decoration basket has all the fixings for decorating eggs!

Here's a tip: Add some visual interest by adding a different texture or style of ribbon to your bow!

Baker's Basket

Basket making doesn't have to always use a basket! We used a cookie sheet as the base for this basket! Pair a great cookie book with milk and cookies!

Place items on a bed of food safe waxed shred Wrap with cellane.
Tie off with ribbon!

Here's a tip: We are always asked where to find baskets! We carry a variety of recyclable bins and boxes. You can also find woven baskets at craft stores or thrift stores.

New Home/Dorm Basket

Fill a waste can with essentials for the home!
Even toilet paper can look cute wrapped in pretty printed tissue.
Include a nice hand soap or disinfectant wipes.

Here's a tip: Look for products that have the same color scheme to pull together a unified look!

Pasta Basket

This pasta themed basket shows off colorful pastas, sauces and dipping plates!

Here's a tip: Buy your inner components first to get an idea of what type, size and color of basket you'll need to put together an auction winner!

Pasta Basket 2

No basket needed here!
We used a handled collapsible strainer as the base for this basket.
Add a neutral paper shred color (kraft).
Tie off with cotton ribbon and a pasta utensil.

Here's a tip: Round up the corners that stick out of your basket bag with clear tape. Tape them out of the way to bottom or behind your basket

Wine Lovers Basket

Wine is always a good choice to put into a basket. Choose two good vintages and include two pretty goblets.

Here's a tip: Products get lost in a deep basket! Prop them up with newsprint or tissue in the same color as your shred to lift your items up to be seen better.

Party basket

This basket is filled with everything to host a party! Pretty paper plates, baking cups, paper runners, paper straws and party candles!

Here's a tip:
Before the bow, tie off cellane or basket bag with waxed twine or super strong twine first. It keeps your bow from looking over handled.

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